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So what questions should you expect when attending an interview?


So you are going for a new job and you need to be prepared for the all important interview.  What should you expect? Here are some headings to think about and to help you prepare. 

As an employer you will want to know that the successful candidate has done their homework and can show their suitability through having a thorough understanding of what the Company does, what the company’s product or service is,  who you are, what you offer and why you believe you are suitable for the role. 

1. Your skills

Make sure you have identified your skills.  What makes you marketable?  Whether it’s academic qualifications, experience, software or hardware skills, make sure you know what you have to offer!

2. The Employer

Have you done your research?  Did you know that many people attend interviews not knowing what the Company does?!  It’s critical to research the Company, know what they do, what markets they work in, a bit about the history of the Company and recent news.

3. About the job:

Do you know what job you are going for?  Have you thoroughly read the job spec and compared your skills set and experience against the criteria?  Again this is crucial. Ensure you have further questions prepared in order to find out more and to ask the employer to point out a typical day carrying out the role.

4. Your ambitions

Think about what you want from your next role.  Where do you want to go in your career?  Are your expectations achievable and do you have a short, medium and long term plan?  Know what you are setting out to achieve.

5. Your Work History

Ensure that you are clear on why you took roles, what you did and why you left.  NEVER run down a previous employer in an interview. 

6. Your motivation

Why are you looking to take this role?  What are your motivators?  What makes you think this is the right job for you?  Go into your interview understanding why the role is of interest to you and why you will be good at it.

7. About the Product or Service

So you know what the Company does but do you know what part you will play in the delivery of the product or service?  Make sure you fully understand what the Company offers.

8. Team work:

Employers want to know that you can work on your own initiative but may ask for examples of when you have excelled at working within a team.  Have evidence of past experiences of when you have worked well in a team and had a positive impact on your colleagues.

9. Your personality and interests.

You may be asked to describe yourself.  Think seriously about your personality traits.  Have some adjectives to describe yourself.  Tell the truth!  Your interests are where you get to truly show what you are about!  Whether you are sporty or whether you are an avid armchair supporter of a specific team, if you enjoy home activities such as cooking or DIY or whether your favourite pass time is spent on social media and blogging or “socialising with friends”!  Have your answers at the ready.  If you are asked what you enjoy doing don’t ever answer “nothing much!”  Positively share your personality and interests.  Let the employer see the human behind the CV!

 10. Body Language.

Be aware of how you sit, relax, don’t fiddle with a pen or your fingers, give eye contact.  Smile!