Jumping for Joy!!!


We are all so proud of our very own Jackie Carson, Operations Manager for the Wise Recruitment Group.

In celebration of the Wise Recruitment Group’s 25th Anniversary, the Company wanted to give back to the local community that has loyally supported us over such a long period of time. We teamed up with Children's Hospice South West with the mission of raising a minimum of £25,000 by the end of the year.

So Jackie was determined to undertake her very own challenge and with true determination and pushing away her fears, she flung herself out of an aeroplane, at 15,000 feet, and raised over £2,000 for this incredible charity!

Any challenge like this doesn’t necessarily run smoothly and this was no exception.  With recent adverse weather conditions, it took 3 attempts to finally take on the challenge.  This in itself had Jackie mentally prepared and emotionally wrecked each time it was cancelled!  However, finally the day came!

We interviewed Jackie afterwards, and asked how it felt to have completed her jump.

“Wow, what a rush, simply amazing and something I shall never forget!  I wasn’t sure about the outfit though.  I felt a little like a cross between an inflatable Telly Tubby and a Smurf, but thank goodness it did the job!.

Jackie went on to describe the event.

"The morning weather was beautiful,  perfect for what was to come. After a 1 hour debrief, Michael, my husband, was given a picture of my parachute so that he knew which one I was so he could follow me, then into our gear and we were away.

It took approximately 12 minutes to climb 15,000 ft. and then it was my turn. I was sat on the edge, legs dangling and before you knew it we were free falling 5,000 ft. We could see for miles and it was very surreal, all along the beautiful coastline as well as across the Devon landscape, talk about birds eye view, simply stunning!

Suddenly the parachute went up and everything went really quiet.  We were floating and I was steering the parachute, yes me - what a buzz!

There were tears, laughter, wobbly legs (as you can imagine) but down safe and sound. Now I know what they mean about a complete adrenaline rush (you feel really buzzy), I woke up twice in the night thinking  I was free falling, not the best night’s sleep in the Carson household.  

Oh yes, as we were going up in the plane we saw a circular rainbow, perfectly formed, it looked like a huge target board, simply awesome! As you can tell, I haven't quite come down yet and not sure when I will!  Thank you everyone for all your kind support and donations and for making this such an awesome experience!

Don't let fear stop you, if it is something you have always wanted to do, go for it, no regrets and simply unforgettable, I strongly recommend."

A huge congratulations to Jackie on undertaking such a challenge and for raising £2,000 for CHSW.  To find out more about CHSW and the amazing work they do, please go to www.chsw.org.uk

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