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What Our Candidates Say

Working in recruitment can change peoples lives

We are very conscious that going in to a recruitment agency can be daunting. As a Candidate, you are expected to divulge a lot of personal information in order to gain work. Therefore, it's important that we get to know you and understand what you are looking for. We want to understand your career goals and aspirations, and identify your key strengths and competencies. Indeed, we help you realise what you have to offer your next employer. We then set to work to find suitable work on a Temporary, Contract or Permanent basis. By offering a truly personal service to our Candidates, we can confidently prove our service works. Candidates write to our Consultants, Management team and Head Office to say how they felt about our service and we would like to share some of this feedback with you.

Below are some of the many testimonials that we have received from our Candidates:

"We stayed at your Client XXX Hotel on Friday, for our wedding anniversary and we wanted to send our thanks to one of your employees. I am currently on crutches and found the stairs in the restaurant difficult. XXX came to my aid and helped me down. He wasn't even serving our table.

The next morning at breakfast, he said "Good Morning" and asked me how we were. We chatted for a while and he was so charming and friendly. His care and great customer service played a big part in making our time at the Hotel extremely special. XXX is a real credit to you and will do well wherever he works. Please pass our sincere thanks on to him."

Torquay Branch 

"I just want to thank you again for everything you have done and for letting me know about the job in the first place, you've been amazing throughout"

Swindon Branch 

"Hi Steph, I'd like to thank you for all your help and for being so patient. You are an asset to Wise, I wish you all the best for the future."

Exeter Branch 

"My experience with you has been really good, you've always kept in touch with me about work. I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for work"

Plymouth Branch 

"Hi Michelle, I'm so amazed at my experience with you! Your enthusiasm and friendliness, you're by fat the most amazing woman I've ever spoken to! Your service and help has just been absolutely incredible! I can't thank you enough! If I could send you some flowers to say thank you I would in a heartbeat!"

Plymouth Branch 

"Thanks again so much!! 

Over the last few weeks, I started to look for new employment as I was very unhappy in the workplace. I reached out to Wise Employment who have been nothing but amazing. Michelle called me within the same day and discussed some roles and positions that were available, she is very genuine and cares highly about my needs. She asked me what the problems were and told me some roles she thought would be suitable from what I said. Within the same week Michelle had got me an interview for a job I felt was perfect for me. It was exactly where I wanted my career to progress and Michelle was aware I wanted to work for a large Company.

Michelle gave me some great advice on what they were looking for within the interview, some last minutes tips and made me feel very confident. Following on from this, Michelle has consistently kept me reassured. I was then offered the position which I could not have been more happy about. Michelle has been incredible throughout this process, she has helped in so may ways and I have never felt so happy to hear I have got the job.

Michelle is an absolute credit to Wise Employment, any Company would be lucky to have her. I would definitely recommend your services and I cannot thank you enough. Within two weeks you have helped me bag my dream job and I am eternally grateful. I wish you all the best and thank you again."

Plymouth Branch 

"I would just like to give a very big thank you for the awesome service that I received from Michelle at Wise Employment. Michelle went out of her way to look, above and beyond, for open positions for me in my type of industry. She even worked on secondary transferable skills just so that I had an income coming in. Michelle kept me informed all of the time.

I would recommend anyone looking for work to use Wise Employment. The two ladies are so friendly there and even if you just need to pop in for a quick chat, they are willing to assist you. I have not had this type of service or friendliness from any other agency with which I have signed up with."

Swindon Branch 

"I was recommended to Wise Employment by a family member.  After walking in, the signs to Wise employment were clear.  I was seen efficiently and as I had not brought the correct paperwork, I was told not to worry and was booked in for a registration the following day.  During the registration I was explained what was going to happen in the next few weeks and what to expect.  We went through 3/4 suitable positions for me and I was given the choice as to which positions wise Employment would put me forward for.  After agreeing to job applications, I was told that I would be contacted as soon as there was some news from the employers.  Before Wise Employment had a chance to contact me I was contacted by an employer that I had gone to directly and I was offered a job with them. 

Wise Employment  and the colleague that was dealing with me, XXX, were very good and showed great interest into helping me become successful with a job and ensured the positions were suitable for my work experience.  I will most certainly be recommending this company to friends and family.  Thank you again."

Plymouth Branch

"I thought I'd just drop an email with regards to feedback on one of your consultant.  XXX XXX has been an absolute credit to your company, he's engaged me with the job being advertised, been attentive in his communications with me, making the whole process a breeze and a model professional throughout the experience.

I know that employment agencies have a bad reputation, but due to XXX engagement I would happily deal with Wise Employment again.   I have left a Google review mirroring this opinion"

Plymouth Branch

" Last, and not least, I would like to thank you for restoring my faith in recruitment agencies by getting this interview for me. This is the chance I have been waiting for, for the last 10 years and I am very grateful to you for having created this opportunity for me."

Plymouth Branch

"Friendly very efficient and extremely thorough - a true credit to her profession I would recommend Kate every time. Let your great work continue."

Plymouth Branch 

"I would like to thank you and all of your team at Wise Employment for all the help and assistance your provided me during the stressful time of job searching. I appreciate the information and advice you have given, as well as the connections you have shared with me. Your expertise and help have been invaluable during this process. Without your help I would not have found this permanent job so quickly.

Again, thank you so much. I sincerely appreciate your help."

Plymouth Branch 

"Thank you Wise Employment for giving me the opportunity to work in Client A's Head Office. Without your help I wouldn't be working as a Supply Chain Analyst now!

You offered me the first step into the this Client and with encouragement, commitment and dedication this has progressed my career into my dream job."

Plymouth Branch 

"Thought it was appropriate to drop you a quick note to say thank you for finding me full time employment. As you know I was very keen to find a permanent job and the way you dealt with me and found me exactly what I was looking for was nothing short of amazing.

I wanted to thank you for your professionalism in the way you dealt with me when I was looking for full time work but I thought it was appropriate to also say thank you for the impeccable way you treated me as a temp too. I never had any issues at all in my time with Wise and that was down to you."

Torbay Branch 

"Having worked for several employment agencies in Swindon, and found to be mostly disappointed, disillusioned and disgusted, I decided to make an appointment with Wise Employment, having worked for them many years ago.

On the morning of the appointment I was met by a wonderfully happy and professional lady by the name of XXX. I was made to feel comfortable from the moment I stepped in the door.

What I found refreshingly different about XXX's attitude and approach to a placement, was her desire to not only get her clients the best possible candidate for the required position, but to ensure that the candidate (me) was going to work in an environment that you would be happy working within.

I was offered several locations in differing driving roles. However, there was one particular job that I was very keen to pursue, due to role and location. XXXwas constantly updating me on what was on offer, but I knew in my heart that XXX was bending over backwards to try and get me the position that I was set on.

I have now just finished my second week at my desired location, and look forward to Monday to get back to it. I love the job and all the work involved with it. The boss is great and all the drivers are happy and friendly.

And this is all down to Julia's hard work, dedication and understanding of client / candidate needs. Why I didn't just go straight to WDS in the first place I will never know. XXX is the best I have had the fortune to have met and subsequently worked for. The best of the best. 

Many thanks"

Swindon Branch 

"I'm really excited about the opportunity to work with your Client.

I also wanted to thank you for all your help during the course of the recruitment process you have been absolutely brilliant! It was fantastic being kept up to date with all that was happening and I really appreciated the prompt feedback and the fact that you kept chasing your Client on my behalf, especially as at times the process was a little drawn out. 

I would definitely recommend you and Wise Employment in the future."

Plymouth Branch 

"I would just like to say Wise Employment have been amazing in finding me a permanent job. 

"I sent in my details and within 2 hours they had found a post suited to me. I was taken on immediately by this company so am now in a permanent position of employment."

"The staff at Wise are friendly and very professional and certainly know how to do their jobs. I would highly recommend them over and over again."

Plymouth Branch 

"To anyone looking for employment, I would have no hesitation in recommending Alex and Karl at Wise Employment."

"After several months of being unemployed, being sent to dead end interviews and two days work, I went into Wise Employment and a completely new level of help and understanding of what job opportunities were put before me."

"I worked for several months, but they understood that I was really after a permanent position. After going through the tests, they understood that being put on the spot in different situations unsettled me."

"When the position came up, I was unsure if I had the experience that was needed to fill the position for them. Even when faced with a daunting interview, Karl was on the phone giving me pointers and encouragement to just be myself, and thankfully I am now in full time permanent employment, in a job I love."

"This is all thanks to the team at Wise Employment. Thanks Guys."

Swindon Branch