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What Our Candidates Say

We've been finding people their dream jobs for more than 30 years

We understand that contacting a recruitment agency can be daunting. This is why we ensure you’re taken care of at every stage of the process and that your personal information remains completely confidential from third parties. 

We take the time to understand exactly what you're looking for by talking to you about your goals, aspirations and prior experience. From there, we match you with a variety of available jobs and discuss why they could be a perfect fit.

Once you've permitted us to share your details with the business, we'll set up an interview at a time that works for you. We'll also ensure you have all the information you need ahead of your interview process, so you know exactly what to expect. If you're successful, we'll even negotiate the best salary possible on your behalf.

This personable process is why so many of our candidates would recommend us to a friend or family member. Here is what some of them have had to say about their experience working with us:

Candidate Testimonials

“Wise Employment are a brilliant recruitment agency. Within 24 hours of me setting up my profile on their site, one of their team reached out to me about a potential role. They had clearly looked at my profile and CV in detail as the job was perfect! 

"Throughout the process, they were attentive, efficient and friendly. They were also very understanding of my needs and salary requirements. I am pleased to say the whole process went really smoothly and I accepted the role Wise found for me. I would recommend them to anyone, including recruiters looking to employ a new member of staff.

Plymouth Branch

"I want to thank Wise and their team for everything they have done and for finding me a new job. They were amazing throughout.

Swindon Branch 

"My experience with Wise Employment has always been excellent. They've always kept in touch with me about potential jobs and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for work.

Plymouth Branch 

"I'm so amazed at my experience with Wise! Their enthusiasm and friendliness are second to none, and the woman I worked with is one of the most amazing women I've ever spoken to! Wise's service and help have just been absolutely incredible and I can't thank their team enough!”

Plymouth Branch 

"I was very keen to find a permanent job and the way Wise Employment found me exactly what I was looking for was nothing short of amazing.

"I want to thank Wise for their professionalism when I was looking for full-time work. I never had any issues throughout my time working as a temp via Wise either and that was down to the quality  of their team."

Torbay Branch 

"I would just like to give a very big thank you for the awesome service that I received from Wise Employment. They went above and beyond to look for open positions for me. They even worked on finding jobs that matched some of my transferable skills just so that I had an income coming in.

"I would recommend Wise Employment to anyone looking for a job.

Swindon Branch 

"I was recommended to Wise Employment by a family member.  After walking in, I was seen efficiently and I was booked in for registration the following day as I had not brought the correct paperwork.

"Following the registration we went through three or four suitable positions and I was given the choice as to which positions Wise Employment would put me forward for. The whole process was simple and personable, and I will most certainly be recommending Wise Employment to my friends and family."

Plymouth Branch

"I would like to thank Wise Employment for restoring my faith in recruitment agencies. I have been waiting a decade to work for this company and Wise made it happen for me."

Plymouth Branch

"I began looking for new employment as I was very unhappy in my previous workplace. I reached out to Wise Employment who have been nothing but amazing. They called me on the same day I registered online and discussed some roles that were available. The recruitment consultant was very genuine and cared a lot about my needs. 

"In the same week, she had secured an interview for a job I felt was perfect for me. It was exactly what I wanted for my career. She helped me prepare for the interview and provided some last-minute tips that made me feel very confident. I was offered the position, which I could not have been more happy about. Wise have been incredible throughout this process. Within two weeks, they helped me bag my dream job and I am eternally grateful.

Plymouth Branch 

"Having used several disappointing employment agencies in Swindon, I decided to make an appointment with Wise Employment. On the morning of the appointment, I was met by a wonderfully happy and professional lady and I was made to feel comfortable from the moment I stepped in the door.

"What I found refreshingly different was her desire to not only get her clients the best possible candidate for the required position, but to ensure that the candidate (me) was going to work in an environment that they were happy working in.

"I was offered several different driving roles. However, there was one particular job that I was very keen to pursue. They went above and beyond to try and get me that position and I am pleased to say I have just finished my second week there! I love my job and it was all made possible by the team at Wise Employment."

Swindon Branch 

"Wise Employment have been amazing in finding me a permanent job. 

"I sent in my details and within two hours they found a role that sounded perfect. I was employed immediately by this company on a permanent basis. The staff at Wise are friendly and very professional, and I would highly recommend them over and over again."

Plymouth Branch 

"To anyone looking for employment, I would have no hesitation in recommending Wise Employment.

"After several months of being unemployed, and being sent to dead-end interviews and ad hoc work days, I went into Wise Employment and experienced a completely new level of help and understanding.

"They quickly found me ongoing temporary work for several months but they understood that I was after a permanent position. When a permanent job became available they helped me overcome my fear of interviews to secure the role. I am now in full-time permanent employment in a job that I love."

Swindon Branch