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Candidate Success Stories

Samantha at our Plymouth Office received a call from a Client at 3pm one afternoon and asked if we could find a Legal Secretary to start the next day.

The Client was in desperate need as she just had news that her Legal Secretary had to go away on leave for a couple of weeks, maybe more. Within the hour we had sent a CV on a very well qualified Legal Secretary and the start date was confirmed for the next day.

Our new Temporary Legal Secretary started and has enjoyed her assignment through Wise Employment.

Plymouth Branch

Anna at our Plymouth Office, interviewed a Candidate (Kevin) for some temporary work as he had unfortunately just been made redundant from a company where he worked for 17 years. 

He impressed her so much at registration with his attitude, positivity and open mindedness to new types of work she just knew he could excel at anything he put his mind to. 

Anna took a chance and called a Client of hers who was looking for Site Operatives, he was able to see Kevin the next morning and Kevin was offered the role that afternoon. Kevin is doing a completely different role to the one he did for 17 years previous and is loving it! 

Well done Kevin!

Plymouth Branch 

Anna at our Plymouth branch had a candidate called Dan who joined Wise Employment just over a year ago, who was ideally looking for a permanent position.

He worked on temporary placements during this time and each client he worked at would always give fantastic feedback but unfortunately for one reason or another (and out of our hands due to client's needs/budget) the temp contract would end.

Then, in December last year Anna, forwarded his CV for a client looking for permanent production operatives and after being short listed, completing an assesment, taking an engineering on-line test and an interview, Dan was offered a permanent position and started a week later.

Anna is still in contact with Dan and he is thoroughly enjoying his role and is excelling in his position and actually gained some valuable skills whilst temping with Wise Employment for his current position.

Well done Dan and good luck in your new career!

Plymouth Branch

On the 26th January a Temporary named Gabor sent a text message to Adele to say that he was really desperate to find work as he was short of paying his rent and worried that he may have to leave his accommodation.

Adele promised to try her best to find him work and upon looking at his work history, saw that he had worked at a few Clients for us for some previous work. It took a quick call to the Client and she explained how he needed the work and how he was prepared to work.

The Client took him on as a production operative and since January he has worked there for full time hours every week.

One happy Client and one very happy Gabor! Well done.

Torbay Branch

Tressa called Wise Employment in Plymouth to find out if any work was available.  Samantha talked to her on the phone and established that she had just moved to the area due to her husband serving in The Royal Navy.  Samantha invited her in, the following day, for a face to face interview.  She discussed a couple of roles and sent her details across to the two clients and both invited Tressa for interview.

After both interviews Tressa informed Samantha that she was looking for childcare.  Having children herself, Samantha pointed her in the right direction and Tressa called a couple of days later to say that all was sorted and looked forward to learning the result from her interviews.

Tressa was offered both of the positions and had her pick!  She made her decision and has now settled in to her new career with a happy husband and settled kiddies being well looked after!

Congratulations Tressa!

Plymouth Branch

Kate, at our Plymouth Office, has known Nick for the past 6 years and regularly placed him in temporary work within IT.   However, for the past 1.5 years Nick has worked on the Industrial Division, showing great flexibility and gaining excellent feedback from every one of the 5 different companies that he has worked for.   

Nick wanted to return to IT work and is now just about to start a new IT contract role.   A true asset to our temporary team.  Hard working, committed, flexible and always taking great pride in your work.

Well done Nick.  You deserve it.  

Plymouth Branch

Jenna, a Service Consultant in our Truro office knew a temporary called Greg who had found himself a permanent role with a local employer having temped for Jenna for quite some time.

Unfortunately, Greg broke his ankle and had to leave his role.  He called Jenna, once his ankle healed, to register for further work.  He came in for his meeting and Jenna called around to find him work whilst he sat in front of her.  She found him work immediately and he started his assignment with Wise the following day! 

Great to have you back Greg!

Truro Branch